Thursday, May 26, 2011

Push through the pain!

Pushing your physique to a next level means you are able to push through the pain.  Not the pain your thinking of such as from an injury or etc.  It's pain where the average person or the competition stops short because it feels uncomfortable. This is one of my favorite parts of the sport.  Continually trying to push myself further than last no matter how much it burns.  I had a great one today and was able to meet up with one of my good friends that I haven't been able to lift with for almost two years, so I took advantage of a good spotter.  Thanks Gary!!  Here's how it went down.....

*Warm-ups excluded

BB Bench- 1x8+1@315 / 1x7+1@315 / 1x8@295*30sec*1x2@295
NG Machine Incline press- 4x10
Machine Flyes- 4x8
Low Pulley Flyes- 3x20

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