Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Gym

This weekend we made a short trip over to Ellensburg, Washington where some of my family live.  It was a quick trip, but sometimes you just have to get out of town.  The weekend pretty much consisted of work on  Spool No.72, but I was able sneak out and hit they weights for and epic leg session at "The Gym."  Always great to go back to one of the gyms I used to train at during college and see how things have progressed.  Gotta say, I was pretty happy with how it went.......


Front Squats- 1x12@275 / 1x10@315 / 1x6@355 / 1x12@225 (Pauses at bottom)
Narrow Leg press- 4x8
Smith machine Lunges- 3x10@225
Leg extensions- 4x10


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deads with MassMuscleTV RAW!!!

I was fortunate to hit up a Deadlift session last week with MassMuscleTV's  RAW!  Their main focus is to bring the knowledge from top level competitors to you through Training, Nutrition, and Contest/Meet Preparation. Whether that be interviews or training videos there combining next level quality with next level content to equal your success in all things lifting.  MassMuscleTV  is your Number One spot for all things MUSCLE!

This week's main focus was on SLDL's.  Overall the workout really felt great and I actually hit a +2 rep PR with 455lbs my last set!.....So, I had to get a video! Also, I plan on focusing on these again for one more week before rotating back in Sumo's for one more push before a deload.  Here's how it went.......


BB SLDL- 1x12@405 / 1x8@455 / 1x10@455
Leg curls- 2x8 / 1x10
Abductor- 3x15
Adcutor- 3x15
Seated Leg curl- 3x20
Hyper extensions- 3x10

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Straps and wraps

One thing I have noticed over the years in the gym is the overuse or dependence on straps and wraps, especially in novice lifters. So today I wanted to discuss the topic and the use of them into your lifting routine.  

Now on to lifting.  I have really been having some great workouts recently and enjoying the whole journey so far this offseason.  Of course with everything there are ups and downs, but I am very happy with my progression on most of my lifts and I am currently starting to reevaluate some goals for the near future.  Hopefully to break some lifetime PR's. in a few areas.  Today's line up was arms and I was able to meet up with my good friend Eric that I have been training with a few days a week for the past year.  He really helped me push the limit this past year and he's about to start his journey to the stage this year.  Here's the numbers......

*Warm-ups excluded

EZ Bar curls (Bar=25lbs) - 2x8@155 / 1x12@135
Machine Pressdowns- 1x15 (3-1-3-1 tempo) / 1x12  (3-1-3-1 tempo)/ 1x10 (3-1-3-1 tempo)
Narrow grip Preacher Curls- 2x12 / 2x10
DB Overhead Extension- 4x10@130
Rope Hammer curls- 3x10
Rope crossbody Kickbacks- 3x10


Saturday, February 19, 2011

The weak areas

One of the areas that I was told I needed to improve on before hitting the Pro stage was my shoulders and upper back.  So the plan is to place a little more emphasis on them along with my traps this year.  My goal will be a noticeable change next time I step on stage.  One of the things I am also implementing is an off day that usually falls on the day before to make sure I am ready, refreshed and recovered to do some work.  They happened to be on the list today and here's how it went.....

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Military Press- 1x12@100's / 1x10@100's / 2x8@70's (3-1-3-1 Tempo)
Seated DB lateral raise- 4x8@60's
High cable reverse flyes- 4x10
Smith machine upright row- 1x12@155 / 1x10@175 / 1x8@185
BB Reverse shrugs- 4x12


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

8 years and 21 pounds

One thing many Natural Bodybuilders don't take into consideration is that this sport greatly resembles a Marathon.  My first experience with bodybuilding was the 2002 WFNA Rock Mountain Natural held in Spokane, WA. It was a drug/polygraph tested show on same guide lines as the NANBF/IFPA which I am now competing.  I was 21 years old and weighed in at 174 lbs the day of the show. I placed 4th of 9 in Novice.  It was defiantly an eye opener and had me addicted for more. It has been a learning experience ever since and I strive each day for improvement.  I am posting some comparison shots from the 2010  NANBF Washington State Natural, where I recently won the Overall and my IFPA Pro status.  I roughly weighed in at 195lbs. With 8 years of training under my belt and 21 lbs heavier on stage.  This is proof that it is you against you, strive to beat your best each and every day.



Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things are rolling

This week has been a crazy one to say the least.  Tara and I are currently remodeling our bathroom, so we have tile and grout everywhere.  Also, I have been working some long days at work, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...right?!  Well, at least that's what I tell myself......

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Shrugs- 2x12@150's / 1x10@150's
Smith machine Shoulder press-  1x12@225 / 2x8@255 / 1x12@225
Nautilus Lateral Machine- 2x10 / 2x12
Reverse Flyes- 3x8
Smith machine Upright row- 3mailto:3x10@155
Reverse BB Shrugs- 3x10@315


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gave it a go

Today is one of my favorite lifting days, Deadlifts and Hamstrings!  My focus for today was a little higher rep and I wanted to give a go at one of my personal goals with 405lbs.  I warmed up with a few sets of 10 and then went for it.  I finished with 22 reps and found out I am out of  They were a little faster than I wanted, but its a start.  I then finished with one last set at 405 and moved on to finish off the workout.  It was a solid workout and here's how it all went down....

*Warm-ups excluded

Hybrid Sumo Deadlifts- 2x10@405 / 1x22@405 / 1x10@405
Leg curls- 3x8 / 1x6
Aductor- 3x12
Abductor- 3x12
Glute kickbacks- 4x10


Monday, February 7, 2011

The Front Squat

Since I have been placing more of a focus on Front Squats into my routine I have noticed a huge difference in my quad development. They also allow a more natural movement which is easier on my lower back and knees.  Here are some examples of bar placement and travel for the three different squat variations.

1-Front Squat
2-High Bar Squat
3-Low Bar Squat

Now onto today's workout.  The gym was really packed and Tara and I couldn't even find a parking spot!  Gotta love days like those!  I decided to stay with a little more volume on the DB's and I am really happy with how this one went.  Kept all the reps slow and controlled.

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Press- 3X10@130's / 1x8@130's
Nautilus Incline press- 4x8
Machine Flyes- 2x8 / 2x10
High Cable Flyes (Mimic Most Muscular)- 2x15


Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday night presses

This has been a absolutely crazy week at work, so what other way to finish it off right?  Rip up the gym with some shoulders and traps.  Really happy with this one, I nailed it solo and also spent some extra time afterwards focusing on stretching and foam rolling.  Here's how it went.....  

*Warm-ups excluded

BB shrugs- 1x12@405 / 1x12@495 / 2x8@545
Standing BB Press- 1x10@185 / 2x8@205
Seated DB laterals- 2x10@55's / 1x8@60's / 1x10@60's
Reverse Flyes- 4x8
Smith machine Upright row- 3x8@175
Cable Front raise- 3x10