Friday, May 20, 2011

Best Ball

Yesterday I played in a "Best Ball" golf tournament for work put on by Stemilt Growers.  All I have to say is I never thought 18 holes would be hard, but when I haven't played in about 5 years and that was the second time ever that I have played more than 9 was!!  I actually did pretty decent considering and managed to actually get a few decent drives, so of course I had to break out the video camera.  My good friend Shaun even drilled the longest drive for the whole tournament, so that made up some ground for our team!  All and all it was a great day, got a little sunburn and helped some charity.

Today's workout was chest and abs.  I kept it a little lighter with higher reps to start off, then finished strong.  Here's how it went....

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Press- mailto:1x10@115's%20(TUT set) / 1x15@120's / 1x12@120's / 1x8@120's
Machine WG Incline press- 4x10
Cable Flyes (Mimic Most muscular)- 3x10 / 2x12

Hanging leg raise- 4x10
Cable crunch- 3x10
Ab Sled- 3x20


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