Monday, May 16, 2011

Pressing forward!

After an off day yesterday I was really feeling refreshed and ready to go for today's workout.  Shoulders and traps were on the list, which is one area that I am putting 100% effort into improvement this off season. Last time I started with standing barbell presses I topped out at 2x6@225.  This time I was able to progress onto 2x8@225.  Two more reps in each set, so needless to say I am happy to see some progress in a weaker area and I plan on pressing forward as much as possible.  Here's how today went...

* Warm-ups excluded

Standing BB Presses- 1x10@185 / 2x8@225 / 1x10@185
Single arm DB Lateral raise- 4x8@55's
Cable Reverse Flyes- 4x10
Rope Face Pulls- 4x10
BB Front raise- 3x10@80lbs
BB Shrugs- 1x12*10*10*10@405 (30 Seconds between sets)

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