Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tribute to a Strongman!

If your a Bodybuiler, powerlifter, strongmen or just fitness minded individuals we all share a common goal among the iron, to improve.  I geared this workout to the tribute to a great Strongman athlete, Jesse Marunde whom left us 4 years ago.  I had the opportunity to meet and watch him preform at the 2007 NPC Empire Classic where I was competing at the time.  Its people like Jesse that brought great intensity to the sport  You always knew he was pushing it as hard as he could.

Here's my attempt at high rep squats with 405lbs. 

Thanks for all the inspiration


Friday, July 22, 2011

Barlean's Omega Swirl

A little while ago I had the chance to try a few products from Barlean's.  Their products are locally manufactured in Ferndale, Washington and they specialize in fish and flax oils.  One of the products I love and have decided to keep in my supplement arsenal is their Peach Mango Omega Swirl. The taste is amazing and with all the health benefits from fish and flax, it is one thing I consider a staple in my daily routine.

Training has really been going well lately, especially since work has been so hectic.  The daily routine actually helps keep me sane in many ways.  Yesterday I was able to meet up with my good friend Ty for a great chest workout and we decided to go with a little higher rep scheme, since we haven't done anything like this for a while.  I actually hit a PR with max reps on Barbell Bench with 225lbs!

Today I had a great one and here's how it went down.....

*Warm-ups excluded

Trap Bar Deadlifts- 2x15 / 1x10
Stanging Single Leg Curl- 1x12 / 1x10 / 2x8
Abductor- 3x10
Aductor- 3x10
Glute Kickback- 4x8

Toe press- 5x10
Seated Calf Press- 3x12

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back under the bar!

2009 INBF Washington State Natural Heavyweight

Many of you don't know, but back in December I slightly injured my back warming up on squats.  Since then I had to stay away from them and place more of a emphasis on front squats and deadlifts, since they didn't seem to bother my back at all.  It has been a slow process working squats back into my routine, but it actually seems to have been beneficial in the long run.  I really feel that the switch is really is helping me bring up some lagging areas, add some thickness to my back and has really helped me focus more on my form.  This weekend things were really feeling great, so I decided to start upping my weight and overall I am really happy with how they felt.  Here's how it went.......

*Warm-ups excluded

Squats- 1x12@405 / 1x10@455 / 1x8@455
V-Squat- 4x8
Lunges- 4x10
Leg Extensions- 2x10 / 1x12


Thursday, July 14, 2011

My breakfast

Oatmeal and Blueberries!

Egg whites...Rocky style!

Breakfast is one of the single most important meals of the day.  After all its called Breakfast because you are "breaking the fast."  When it comes to my foods of choice I'm pretty plain and simple and usually stick to the same thing pretty much every day.  My favorites are Oatmeal, blueberries and egg whites.  I actually prefer to drink my liquid egg whites, because they are quick and they actually tastes like a thick glass of milk.  Its also safe because they are pasturized and not raw.  So its not really like "Rocky"  but close.....  

I was able to meet up with Ty for a great one!  Here's how it went down......

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Military press- 1x10@100's / 1x10@110's / 1x8@110's / 1x10@100's

"Flexolate" Lateral raise- 4x10
Single arm cable rear delt- 4x10

Rope upright row- 4x10
Cable shrugs- 4x12
Standing DB Lateral raise- 1x12@50's / 1x10*8*8@40's (Rest pause set)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wok'n T-Bar's!

So many choices.....

Since this is my off season, I try to plan some meals that are not measured so Tara and I can enjoy something a little different.  We try to keep it as healthy as possible and one of our favorite places to go to in Wenatchee is the Wok About Grill.  It's our local Mongolian barbecue and I have to say its perfect after a solid workout and if you haven't tried one before, you should!  You get to choose from tons of meats and veggies then its all cooked on a iron grill at up to 300 degrees.

My training has really been on point lately and I have been having some great workouts.  No huge PR's or anything, just solid all around and I really feel progress is being made.  Yesterday I left it all in they gym and I really feel it was probably one of my best back workouts ever!  Here's how it went......

*Warm-ups excluded

Pullups- 1x18 / 3x10
T-Bar row- 1x8@8p's / 1x10@7p's / 1x8*8*8
"Flexolate" NG Pulldowns- 4x10
Stiffarm Pulldowns- 4x10


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time to step it up!

Tanning touch ups before the 2010 NANBF Muscle Mayhem

It has almost been 1 year since I started my 2010 contest season and I have to say that my motivation is at an all time high to improve.  Seeing everyone prepping this year and bringing their best really sets the standards high and I know I have a long ways to go to hang with some of the best on the stage.  In just 9 days the 2011 NANBF Muscle Mayhem and IFPA Pro USA is taking place, which puts me at exactly 1 year out.  Lately my training has been going great and I have been shifting some of my focus over to Squats and Straight Leg Deadlifts, which are some of my favorite lifts.  When it all comes down to it, if your not putting 100% toward improvement, your just spinning your wheels.  My goal is to do some damage!

Had a great one and here's how it went down......

*Warm-ups excluded

SLDL- 1x12@405 / 1x8@495 / 1x5@495
Seated Leg curls- 4x10
Glute Kickcback- 4x10
Abductor- 3x15
Aductor- 3x15

Standing Calf press- 4x8
Seated Calf press- 4x8


Sunday, July 3, 2011

4 weeks to go!

I had the opportunity to meet up with my friend Cohn Wolfe who is currently prepping for the 2011 NANBF Washington State Natural being held on July 30th in Seattle, Washington.  We ran through a great Back workout and even got a little extra posing in at the end.  I have to say he is looking ready and is going to do some damage this year!  This is by far one of my favorite parts of the sport.  Seeing someone really step it up and do what it takes to take their physique to the next level and he is doing all of that.  I had a great time and can't wait to see what he brings to the stage in less than 4 weeks! 

Today I had a great leg workout and here's how it went down.......

*Warm-ups excluded

Cybex Leg press- 3x8
SSFront Squats- 3x10@225 (3-1-3-1 Tempo)

Lunges- 4x10
Leg extensions- 3x10 / 2x8