Monday, March 26, 2012

16 weeks out progress!

I am just rolling past the 16 week out mark for the IFPA Pro USA and currently weighing in at 216.6lbs. So far I am about 2 pounds lighter than in my 2010 prep at this point, so the key is to stay ahead of the game and really bring something different to the stage.  Here are a few shots Tara took from this past weekend pre workout compared to my last prep in 2010.



Overall I am really happy with the progress and the intensity I am keeping in the gym.  My main focus is always to keep my weights as heavy as possible throughout this entire prep and so far things are really coming together with not too much of a loss in strength.  Also, here are are a few training highlights from this past week of lifting.

Had a great one and here's how it went......

*Warm-ups excluded

BB Shrugs- 1x12@405 / 1x10@495 / 1x8@585 / 1x8@585*1x10@405*1x10@225
Smithmachine Military Press- 1x10@225 / 1x8@245 / 2x8@225
Seated DB Laterals- 2x8 / 2x10@60's
Machine Reverse Flyes- 4x8
Rope Upright row- 4x8
DB Front Raise- 4x8


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vlog #20 // Trying to sport the Hulk Green!

Just passed the 17 week out mark to show #1 of the 2012 season for me, here are a few thoughts of how things are going so far.

Also, I was able to meet up with Natural Bodybuilder Cohn Wolfe and Clint SwinDell for a great back workout this past Friday.  Here are a few highlights...

Had a great one and here's how it went.......

*Warm-ups excluded

Squats- 2x8@405 (Pause at bottom)  / 1x8@405*1x12@315*1x12@225
V-Squat- 2x10 / 2x8
Lunges- 3x10@225
Leg Extensions- 2x12 / 2x10 / 2x8


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Game Face

My "skinny" game face at the 2010 NANBF California Natural Muscle Mayhem.
Everything has been progressing well and the scale is steadily moving in the right direction.  This week I weighed in at 223.8 and I am still feeling great in and out of the gym.  I was even able to pull another PR in the Snatch Grip Deadlift this past Wednesday, so there is no complaints with that.  Here's a clip from one of my working sets.

Now its time to get my game face on because I am soon coming to the point where my body likes to fight back.  I am going to be making a few trips out of town.  So the cooler is packed and I am ready to train in a little different atmosphere, possibly with a few friends which always helps with the motivation.  This sport is all about balance and its up to you to find what works best.  Many people think you need to have tunnel vision through your entire prep and they end up pushing friends and family away.  The truth is they are a support system that you can use to your advantage.  They can help push your physique and training to new levels as long as you let them.

*Warm-ups excluded

WG Pulldowns- 3x10 / 1x8
Meadows Row- 3x10 / 2x8
Lifefitness Cable Pulldown- 4x8
Hammerstrength Pullover- 4x8