Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still doing it to it!

Reverse Grip BB Rows 3 weeks out.
It's been a few weeks since my last update, but things have been rolling right along.  Work is in full swing with cherry harvest and I am now less than 3 weeks out from the IFPA Pro USA.  My weight is still steadily dropping and I have no doubt I will be bringing my best to date.  There is still time to keep pushing it and that I will!  Here are a few highlight clips from the past 2 weeks of training.

These next few weeks look like they are going to be super busy, but this actually helps keep me in a routine and the time will blow by.  Before I know it Tara and I will be making the trip south to Sacramento, slapping on some Dream Tan and hanging out with a ton of great friends.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

BOOM....34 days out!

It's hard to believe that as of today I am officially 34 days out from my IFPA Pro Debut!!  This prep has really been an eyeopener for me, especially when it comes to keeping an open mind.  Don't be afraid to go against what others may believe is the right way, because a closed mind has limits.  My philosophy is to approach the gym like a Powerlifter/Strongman and diet like a Bodybuilder and I am absolutly loving every aspect of my prep so far.  Now it is time to step up the game and finish stronger than the first! Here are a few training highlights from this past week.

*Warm-ups excluded

Safety Bar Squats- 2x8@335 / 2x5@385 / 1x8@335
BB Lunges- 3x8@225 / 1x15@135
V-Squat- 4x10
Leg Extensions- 5x10