Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leave it all in the Gym

Not every workout you run through is going to be your all time best.  You have to have a bad one to appreciate what a good one is.  All you can do is leave it all in the gym each and every time.  Your not going to be setting PR's during every workout, but the one thing you can do is be sure that you gave it your all at that time.

Today I kept it fast pace and stuck to supersetts throughout the workout.  Here's how it went.....

*Warm-ups excluded

Cable Curls- 3x8 / 1x10*10
Dips- 1x10(+90) / 1x6(+135) / 1x10(+90)*1x15(BW)

Incline Curls-  4x10
DB Kickbacks-  4x10

Rope Curls-  4x10
Reverse cable pressdowns-4x10

Roman chair- 4x15
Cable Crunch- 4x10


1 comment:

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