Sunday, March 6, 2011

You can do this tour

Had a great day today!!  Kevin James, Katy Wayman-White, Patty Smith and Debbie Wold all made their way to Wenatchee for a stop on the You Can Do This Tour that they are promoting all over Washington State.  It was held at Golds Gym and basically covers everything from planning for shows, contest prep, posing, use of trainers and all about natural bodybuilding in general.  I had a great time seeing everyone again and even had some chances to speak.  If anyone would like more information on the tour or competing in an NANBF show in Washington State please check out for more information.

Yesterday was also the final workout on my deload and I have to say I am MORE than ready to keep the progress rolling.  I really have some goals on my mind with deads and etc and I may give them a go within the next few weeks.  The workout was pretty plain and simple with extra warm-ups, stretching and foam rolling.  Here's how it went..... 

*Warm-ups excluded

Leg press- 4x10
Hack Squats- 4x10
Leg extensions- 3x12 / 2x10


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