Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shoulders with Ty!

I had an amazing workout today with Ty at Golds!  Its always great to hit the gym on a Saturday afternoon.  There is no one in the way, you can crank your music and do some work!  Also, we are probably going to meeting up tomorrow morning for legs.  I have a feeling its going to be one of those workouts, because I'm already getting excited to KILL IT!  Here's how today went....

*Warm-ups excluded

Hammer strength shoulder press- 1x8 / 2x6 / 1x8
Seated DB Lateral raise- 1x10@50's / 1x10@60's / 1x8@60's / 1x8@50's*1x8@40's*1x8@30's
High pulley reverse flyes- 3x10
Rope upright row- 3x10
Cable shrugs- 4x8 (3-1-3-1 tempo)


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