Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A positive support system

Hanging out with three of the four 3DMJ Coaches Eric Helms, Jeff Alberts and Alberto Nunez after the 2010 NANBF Washington State Natural
 Bodybuilding is touted as a very individual sport by how its always you against yourself, but one thing many people don't take into consideration is the use of a team or support system along the way.  I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with each member of 3DMJ on and off the stage and doing so I have really made some true friends along the way.  They have provided help, motivation and inspiration through their actions and words that is hard to describe in writing.  Just the thought that someone is going through exactly what I am really helps me continue to push my limits each day in and out of the gym.  It also really helped me bring my physique to the next level.  Also, make sure to keep positive influences around you each day to share your journey with.  Doing so will make it much more enjoyable and productive and will allow you to come in at your absolute best each and every time.

I had another amazing one today!  It took a little bit to warm up, but I finished strong!  I also put together a video of some highlights form yesterday and today.  Here's how it went.....

*Warm-ups excluded

EZ Bar curls(Bar=25)- 1x12@115 / 1x10@135 / 1x8@145 / 1x8@155
Machine press- 3x12 / 1x10

Incline curls- 3x10
Machine Tricep Extensions- 3x8

DB Hammer curls- 3x8@75's
Reverse cable kickbacks- 3x10


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