Monday, March 28, 2011

Changing it up

One of the things I try and do is keep changing the order of my split to help keep things fresh and intense.  I still stick to lifting each body part one time per week, but I like to change the order to place more of an emphasis on lagging body parts.  On this rotation I am placing an emphasis on my shoulder and trap development.  I am still following a 5-6 day split with my off days placed by how I am feeling and I also skip one workout per week, for added recovery.  Here's how it looks....

Shoulders and Traps
Bis, Tris and Calves
Deadlifts,hamstrings and glutes
Chest and abs
Legs with a quad focus

Today started the week off right, with shoulders and traps.  Tara and I really flew through it and overall really happy with how it went!

*Warm-ups excluded

Standing BB Press- 1x12@185 / 2x6@225 / 1x10@185*1x10@135

Seated DB Lateral raise- 1x15@45's / 3x12@45's
Smith machine upright row- 4x8@185

Single arm cable rear Delt- 4x10
DB Shrugs- 4x10@140's (Slow tempo)


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