Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Papa Pump!

Spike TV’s TNA Impact is in town and I had a great opportunity of meeting Scott "Big Papa Pump" Steiner at Golds Gym of Wenatchee.  Noting gets you amped up to kill some Iron like seeing Scott toss the weight around.  All I have to say is the man has some GUNS!!!  He is a real down to earth guy and It was great to actually meet him in person.  I actually felt bad for bugging him for a picture during his workout, but I couldn't pass up this chance!  On the training front things are rolling and my deload week is almost over.  I am itching to hit it hard again, so I must be doing it right.  Here's how it went tonight.....

*Warm-ups excluded

Wide grip pulldowns- 4x8
Reverse grip BB rows- 3x15
Narrow grip pulldowns- 4x10
Stiff arm pulldowns- 4x10


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