Saturday, April 2, 2011


Tempo is definitely one of the most overlooked parts of a workout routine. Many people are usually more concerned with how much they are lifting rather than how they are lifting it.  When you slow down and focus on your tempo you will not be able to lift as much weight, but the quality of the lift will be much improved.  It also increases the TUT (Time under tension) of the working muscle.  Tempo is usually shown as counts that you do in your head or with a partner to time. An exercise with the tempo of 2/1/2 is preformed with a count of 2 on the eccentric, or lowering phase.  Then a 1 second pause at the bottom of the exercise leading to a count of 2 during the concentric, or raising of the weight.  Next time try mixing up your routine with a change in tempo to help progress and push your physique to the next level.

Today was Chest and calves, so I decided to slow things down.  Here's how it went.....

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Incline press (Slow Tempo) - 2x8@120's / 1x6@120's
Hammer Strength Flat press- 4x10
Machine Flyes- 4x8

Standing Calf press- 4x10
Seated Calf press (Knees bent)- 3x12


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