Thursday, April 21, 2011


Really happy with how this week is going in the gym.  I really feel like I never missed a stride and I'm pressing right back to improving in all areas.  Also, I saw a quote today that was a great one, so I have to share it.

"Anyone can have a good workout when they feel good, that's nothing. Champions find a way to have a great workout when they feel like shit." - Dr Layne Norton

I'm going to play with some volume for a bit and see how it goes.  Here's how it went down....

* Warm-ups excluded

SLDL- 3x12@405
Leg curls- 1x10 / 2x8 / 2x6
Abductor- 3x15
Aductor- 3x15
Hyperextensions- 4x12

Standing calf machine- 4x10
Seated calf press- 4x12

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