Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lunk Alarm!

I have a friend across the country that has been a huge inspiration for me. 3DMJ and  AAEFX athlete Big Jason Bosak!  The man is a beast and we both have very similar training methods.  He really playes a huge roll in motivation and always gives me something to strive for, knowing he is putting in the same work that I am at this very moment.  By all means its not a competition, just a source of motivation and support that really drives me to improve each and every day.  Lately I have really been rotating through the reps and today lined up to be a little higher, so I wanted to give 495 a try.  Had a great one this afternoon, here's how it went down....

*Warm-ups excluded

Hybrid Sumo Deadlifts- 1x10@405 / 1x13@495 / 1x8@495
Seated Leg curls- 4x10
Abductor- 3x15
Aductor- 3x15
Hyperextensions- 4x8(+50lbs)


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  1. DUDE! Crazy work adding in that second set!