Saturday, February 19, 2011

The weak areas

One of the areas that I was told I needed to improve on before hitting the Pro stage was my shoulders and upper back.  So the plan is to place a little more emphasis on them along with my traps this year.  My goal will be a noticeable change next time I step on stage.  One of the things I am also implementing is an off day that usually falls on the day before to make sure I am ready, refreshed and recovered to do some work.  They happened to be on the list today and here's how it went.....

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Military Press- 1x12@100's / 1x10@100's / 2x8@70's (3-1-3-1 Tempo)
Seated DB lateral raise- 4x8@60's
High cable reverse flyes- 4x10
Smith machine upright row- 1x12@155 / 1x10@175 / 1x8@185
BB Reverse shrugs- 4x12



  1. since when are your traps a weak area lol

  2. Just one area that was brought up on my score card from my last show. Anything to help give an illusion of a less blocky physique. So the goals to grow!

    Thanks Eric! :)