Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Straps and wraps

One thing I have noticed over the years in the gym is the overuse or dependence on straps and wraps, especially in novice lifters. So today I wanted to discuss the topic and the use of them into your lifting routine.  

Now on to lifting.  I have really been having some great workouts recently and enjoying the whole journey so far this offseason.  Of course with everything there are ups and downs, but I am very happy with my progression on most of my lifts and I am currently starting to reevaluate some goals for the near future.  Hopefully to break some lifetime PR's. in a few areas.  Today's line up was arms and I was able to meet up with my good friend Eric that I have been training with a few days a week for the past year.  He really helped me push the limit this past year and he's about to start his journey to the stage this year.  Here's the numbers......

*Warm-ups excluded

EZ Bar curls (Bar=25lbs) - 2x8@155 / 1x12@135
Machine Pressdowns- 1x15 (3-1-3-1 tempo) / 1x12  (3-1-3-1 tempo)/ 1x10 (3-1-3-1 tempo)
Narrow grip Preacher Curls- 2x12 / 2x10
DB Overhead Extension- 4x10@130
Rope Hammer curls- 3x10
Rope crossbody Kickbacks- 3x10


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