Monday, February 7, 2011

The Front Squat

Since I have been placing more of a focus on Front Squats into my routine I have noticed a huge difference in my quad development. They also allow a more natural movement which is easier on my lower back and knees.  Here are some examples of bar placement and travel for the three different squat variations.

1-Front Squat
2-High Bar Squat
3-Low Bar Squat

Now onto today's workout.  The gym was really packed and Tara and I couldn't even find a parking spot!  Gotta love days like those!  I decided to stay with a little more volume on the DB's and I am really happy with how this one went.  Kept all the reps slow and controlled.

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Press- 3X10@130's / 1x8@130's
Nautilus Incline press- 4x8
Machine Flyes- 2x8 / 2x10
High Cable Flyes (Mimic Most Muscular)- 2x15


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