Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deads with MassMuscleTV RAW!!!

I was fortunate to hit up a Deadlift session last week with MassMuscleTV's  RAW!  Their main focus is to bring the knowledge from top level competitors to you through Training, Nutrition, and Contest/Meet Preparation. Whether that be interviews or training videos there combining next level quality with next level content to equal your success in all things lifting.  MassMuscleTV  is your Number One spot for all things MUSCLE!

This week's main focus was on SLDL's.  Overall the workout really felt great and I actually hit a +2 rep PR with 455lbs my last set!.....So, I had to get a video! Also, I plan on focusing on these again for one more week before rotating back in Sumo's for one more push before a deload.  Here's how it went.......


BB SLDL- 1x12@405 / 1x8@455 / 1x10@455
Leg curls- 2x8 / 1x10
Abductor- 3x15
Adcutor- 3x15
Seated Leg curl- 3x20
Hyper extensions- 3x10

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