Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wok'n T-Bar's!

So many choices.....

Since this is my off season, I try to plan some meals that are not measured so Tara and I can enjoy something a little different.  We try to keep it as healthy as possible and one of our favorite places to go to in Wenatchee is the Wok About Grill.  It's our local Mongolian barbecue and I have to say its perfect after a solid workout and if you haven't tried one before, you should!  You get to choose from tons of meats and veggies then its all cooked on a iron grill at up to 300 degrees.

My training has really been on point lately and I have been having some great workouts.  No huge PR's or anything, just solid all around and I really feel progress is being made.  Yesterday I left it all in they gym and I really feel it was probably one of my best back workouts ever!  Here's how it went......

*Warm-ups excluded

Pullups- 1x18 / 3x10
T-Bar row- 1x8@8p's / 1x10@7p's / 1x8*8*8
"Flexolate" NG Pulldowns- 4x10
Stiffarm Pulldowns- 4x10


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