Friday, June 10, 2011

Versa Gripps PRO

I recently invested a new set of grips from Versa Gripps,  the PRO series.  Today was the first day I had the chance to actually use them and I gotta say I'm more than impressed!  They are very high quality, can be used as a replacement to straps and also can be used for pressing movements.  The grips are very easy to use and unlike straps can be left on and not get in the way, even when they are not needed.  This makes it easy to move from exercise with ease and not have to worry about taking them off between sets.  I purchased them directly from the Versa Gripps website and they arrived to my house in just 4 days.  They are at the higher end for price, about $55.00 to the door, but I really feel that after using them today they are going to be worth every penny.  Overall, if you don't mind the price I highly recommend them and I look forward to using them a little more during some of my workouts.

Yesterday I was able to meet up with Gary for a great Chest and ab workout.  I was actually able to hit another PR in Incline DB Press, so I can't complain with that!!  Here's how it went down.....

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Inlcine Press- 1x12@120's / 1x8@140's / 1x7+1@140's
Hammer Strength Flat press- 4x10
Machine Flyes- 4x10

Hanging leg raise- 4x12
Cable Crunch- 4x10


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