Sunday, May 27, 2012

Plain and simple, lift the weight!

Powerlifter, Strongman and Bodybuilders all have many training techniques in common and they can carry over to each individual sport.  I feel that I have found a balance of training in the the "grey" area, other than black or white.  I have really tried adapt my training method to suit my needs and I really feel that the variations and methods I use have really helped me improve on my physique and in this sport on a yearly basis. Most importantly I love training this way and when it comes down to it....if its not fun, then why do we do it?  I'm not saying that training this way is great for everyone, all I am saying is to find what works for you and you enjoy doing...then run with it!

Training has been rolling right along and I hit a low of 203.0lbs this week.  Overall I am feeling great and here are a few training highlights from this past week.


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