Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mental Toughness

This past week has been a little harder mentally than usual, but I finally broke through.  I weighed in at 204.6lbs 9 weeks out and progress is really picking up steam.  For those of you who have prepped before you all know about some of the mind tricks that take place during a sticking point of your prep.  You may question your calorie intake or amount of cardio your doing, but when it comes down to it all you have to do is stick to the plan that you have set in place and you will push through with no problem. All I know is I could not do this without the help of Tara and her watchful eye on monitoring my progress.  It makes all the difference in the world to know I have her backing me in my corner as well as all of your support.  No matter the outcome of each training session, as long as I give my absolute all at the time I will improve in more areas than one.

Despite the mental toughness this past week, I have actually had some amazing workouts.  Here are some highlights from this past week.

*Warm-ups excluded

Safety Bar Squats- 4x8@335
BB Lunges- 4x12@135 (Pauses on each step at bottom)
V-Squat- 4x8
Leg Extensions- 4x10 / 2x12


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