Sunday, May 20, 2012

8 to go! Never settle....

One thing that is really hitting me this prep is the mentality to never settle for anything less than your best.  It doesn't matter what others think or say, just as long as you personally know you didn't just settle for anything.  Bodybuilding is actually more mental than most would care to admit and what separates most competitors is the ability to break through barriers mentally before physically.  If you say "never"...then you never will.

Progress for me at this point is slow, but steady.  I am staying consistent and trying to keep as much strength as possible. Here is a highlight from my deficit deadlifts this past Wednesday as well as my comparison pictures from my 2010 prep.  I also finished this week with a low of 203.6lbs.  I still have a long way to go, but I am closer than I was yesterday.



Yesterday marked the 8 week out point and I was able to meet up with Cohn Wolfe, a fellow bodybuilder and good friend for some legs.  We didn't really keep track of sets or reps but here is some footage from our Safety Bar squats.


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