Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flexsolate straps

I have been using Flexsolate straps for about the past 4 years.  They are a solid product that really allowes you to use anything as a grip free attachment, which is great for throwing in some variation during my workouts.  Unlike straps and wraps, these grips slip around your wrist for a great range of motion.  They also can be picked up pretty cheap, around $18 and they hold up very well.  Here's an example of me using them during a set of Narrow Grip Pulldowns.


This past week has still been pretty busy at work, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and things should hopefully be getting back to normal pretty soon.  Training has been spot on and I have actually really enjoyed the change of pace during some of my recent workouts.  I have been getting in and out of the gym in about 45 minutes, so the pace has been set pretty high lately.  Here's an example of my peak set from my chest workout on Friday.  This one left me pretty sore!!

Today I finished up the day with some back and here's how it went down.....

*Warm-ups excluded

WG Pulldowns- 3x10 / 1x8*8
RG BB Rows- 2x10@315 / 1x8@315*1x10@225
"Flexsolate" Seated row- 4x12
Stiffarm Pulldowns- 4x10

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