Sunday, April 29, 2012

"To give any less than your best is to sacrifice a gift" -Steve Prefontaine


"To give any less than your best is to sacrifice a gift" - Steve Prefontaine

For me this really hits home in all areas. Some days you feel amazing and others its a real struggle to push forward. As long as deep down you know you are giving 100% of what you are capable at that time, it will always be worth it.  These past few weeks have been a little harder for me.  I have actually had a few setbacks with allergies and a cold, but I still kept things on track and worked around it with one goal on my mind...Improve!  I also just passed the 11 week out mark to the IFPA Pro USA and I am weighing right at 206lbs.  I am defiantly leaner and stronger at this weight, so I am pretty excited to finally see some of the improvements I have made this last year.  This is also really helping with my motivation and I have never been so focused, but at the same time loving every second of the journey.  Here are a few training highlights from this past week.

Had a great one and here's how it went.....

*Warm-ups excluded

Front Squats- 1x10@225+Bands / 2x6@275+Bands  / 1x8@225+Bands
BB Lunges- 4x8
V-Squat- 4x8
Leg Extension- 4x12 / 1x15


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