Sunday, April 15, 2012

You get what you put into it!

This week flew by and things are really starting to pull together.  My weight actually had a big drop and I am sitting right at 210.4lbs, which is a few pounds lighter than my last prep in 2010 at 13 weeks out.  My motivation is through the roof and I am approaching each day exactly the same and trying to keep a healthy balance in all areas of life.  This mindset has really helped with my progress so far, don't worry about others or what they think.  Just keep killing it day in and day out, because you get what you put into it.  Here are a few training highlights and posing from this past week.

Had a great one and here's how it went......

*Warm-ups excluded

Front Squats- 1x12@225 / 1x7@315 / 2x6@315 / 1x12@225
Lunges- 3x8@225 / 1x12@135
Narrow Leg press- 4x10
Leg extensions- 4x10


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