Sunday, February 5, 2012

Breaking in the new belt

This weekend marks the 23 week out mark to my first show of the 2012 season.  Overall I am happy with how things are progressing so far, but I can't wait to be a little deeper into prep where it can be a little more visual than at the beginning.  Also, I finally received my Inzer Forever lever belt that I ordered in early December!  This is one thing I have been waiting for forever, but it was more than worth the wait.  I had to put it to good use and break it in with some deadlifts and what a better way than pulling a 8 rep PR with it during prep.  Just like all my other lifts I tend hold off using my belt and straps until my last few sets, so the majority of my pulls are raw.    

Here's how they went!

*Warm-ups excluded

Hybrid Sumo Deadlifts- 1x12@405 / 1x10@495 / 1x8@565 / 1x6@565
Seated Leg curls- 4x12
Abductor- 3x20
Aductor- 3x20
Reverse Hypers- 4x10
Seated Calf press- 4x10
Standing Calf press- 4x12


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