Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Chains

One of my main focuses right now is spicing up my training with some unconventional approaches to my lifts.  With it being Halloween I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to throw around some chains to help overload the peak of the contraction on lateral raises.  Each week I am going to try a few slightly different approaches to my lifts and I really encourage everyone to try something similar in their training.  We all can be found guilty of falling into a rut at some point and this is one way to keep things interesting.  I really feel that everyone can benefit in some way from slight variations and I regret not trying anything like this sooner.  This has allowed me to take a totally different approach to my training and in turn push forward with improvement. 

Had a great one and here's how it went....

*Warm-ups excluded

DB Military- 3x12@100's / 1x10@100's
Standing Lateral raise (With Chains)- 2x10 / 2x8
Smithmachine Upright row (With bands)- 2x8@185+ / 2x10@135+
SA cable rear delt- 2x12 / 2x10
Cable Reverse Shrugs- 4x10


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