Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vlog #20 // Trying to sport the Hulk Green!

Just passed the 17 week out mark to show #1 of the 2012 season for me, here are a few thoughts of how things are going so far.

Also, I was able to meet up with Natural Bodybuilder Cohn Wolfe and Clint SwinDell for a great back workout this past Friday.  Here are a few highlights...

Had a great one and here's how it went.......

*Warm-ups excluded

Squats- 2x8@405 (Pause at bottom)  / 1x8@405*1x12@315*1x12@225
V-Squat- 2x10 / 2x8
Lunges- 3x10@225
Leg Extensions- 2x12 / 2x10 / 2x8


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